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The Southern Circuit

Wild, beautiful, remote and unspoilt – the Southern safari circuit in Tanzania launches visitors into Africa’s biggest yet most unknown wilderness regions. The southern parks provide guests with the opportunity to dodge the crowds of the North, and experience the African bush with an unprecedented level of intimacy. While traversing Selous, Ruaha, and Udzungwa National Parks, visitors have the opportunity not only to view the notorious Big Five, but also to interact and learn about the smaller, quieter details of the region.

Selous is the continent’s natural giant, occupying 54 000 square kilometers in the southernmost part of Tanzania. Covering roughly the same area of Switzerland – yet largely untouched by the human hand – Selous is a rare remaining wilderness. Indigenous woodlands are interspersed by rivers and savannah, creating idyllic homes for a wide variety of wildlife, including the world’s largest elephant population. The Reserve also offers a plethora of unique ways in which guests can interact with the wilderness, including boating, walking and camping safaris, in addition to standard game drives.

Ruaha National Park revolves around the Great Ruaha River, which courses through the rugged semi-arid bush, sustaining a remarkable diversity in antelope, in addition to numerous lions, leopards, the elusive wild dogs and varied birdlife. The inaccessibility of the park privileges those who arrive with near exclusivity in this truly wild and remote landscape.

The perfect complement to the game viewing involves a trip through the enchanted forests of Udzungwa Mountains National Park. With 30-meter high moss-covered trees soaked by mist from plunging waterfalls, this park is a hiker’s heaven. Trails last from a few hours to three days, leading visitors through some of the most ancient and biologically diverse communities on the continent.

Given that the Southern Circuit is vast and relatively inaccessible, we recommend spending between 8 – 12 days on this circuit – more if possible. Consider Udzungwa’s hiking to be the perfect precursor to the heights and challenges of Kilimanjaro!

Highlights of the South

Experience 7 days/6 nights venturing into the rugged corners of Ruaha & Udzungwa.

Selous-"Fly In-Fly Out"

A perfect 4 day/3 night getaway to Selous, traveling to & from by air.

The Selous by Road

A perfect 4 day/3 night getaway to Selous, traveling to & from by road.
Devote 18 days/17 nights exploring the wild south & the relaxing coast.
Enjoy 10 days/9 nights contrasting the wild south with the famed Ngorongoro Crater.
Devote 13 days/12 nights to exploring every corner of Tanzania’s wild & remote south.

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Key Facts
Time Zone: GMT +3
Fly to: Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar
Flying Time: Approx 10 hours via connection from London
Language: English, Swahili
Visas: Required. Available on arrival or pre-travel via Tanzania Embassy
Currency: Tanzania Shilling. US$ Dollars accepted
Health Requirements: Yellow fever
certificate required if arriving from an endemic area

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