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The Kilimanjaro

Beautiful, challenging, inspiring; there is little that ignites the imagination as much as Africa’s highest mountain. The snow capped summit gazes down on vast stretches of African savannah. And the ascent passes through numerous different ecosystems, ensuring everyday’s hiking provides a new experience.

Yes, it can be tough. But little compares to the feeling of standing on the roof of Africa, knowing you’ve conquered the world’s highest free standing mountain. You need nothing more that a sense of adventure, determination, and decent physical physical fitness.

Let’s forget about the summit for a moment. Climbing Kilimanjaro takes you on an enchanting journey through lush tropical jungle, gorgeous forests, serene alpine desert, and into a white snowy wonderland. Each day brings new vistas, but while you’re admiring the horizon don’t forget to look out for the antelopes, primates, elephants, and endangered species that call Kili home. Our experienced team of guides are experts in making sure your climb is safe, fun, relaxed, and at your pace. No mountaineering experience is required and we offer four different routes up the mountain.

The Marangu Route (7-8 nights) – Ideal for novice hikers, this popular trek has gentler gradients and comfortable accommodation in huts.

The Machame Route (7-8 nights) – This challenging route circles the peak and offers dramatic landscape throughout. Camping only and ideal for more experienced trekkers.

The Rongai Route (7-8 nights) – This quiet and adventurous route offers the best opportunity to see untamed wilderness.

The Lemosho Route (8-9 nights) – Favoured for its easy acclimatization, this longer route provides stunning scenery and few other hikers.

Just as little ignites the imagination as Kilimanjaro, little can ever come close to the experience of climbing this epic mountain. Unforgettable doesn’t come close. The mountain rewards every step, always offering new nature and views. Then there are remarkable landmarks like the crater rim, Uhuru Point, and Gillman’s Point.

And the summit? You’ll find out just how special it is when you’re standing at 5,895metres above Africa.

Enjoy 8 days hiking a highly customizable and quiet route up Kili.

The Machame Route

Devote 8 days to hike this growingly popular route up to the roof of Africa.

The Marangu Route

Take 8 days to hike the most popular trail up Kili, spending nights in huts rather than tents.

The Rongai Route

Enjoy 8 days hiking the road less traveled, traversing the unspoilt sections of the mountain.

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Key Facts
Time Zone: GMT +3
Fly to: Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar
Flying Time: Approx 10 hours via connection from London
Language: English, Swahili
Visas: Required. Available on arrival or pre-travel via Tanzania Embassy
Currency: Tanzania Shilling. US$ Dollars accepted
Health Requirements: Yellow fever
certificate required if arriving from an endemic area

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