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Visiting Tarangire

Wednesday, 10th December 2014

I’d been expecting elephants. But I hadn’t been expecting this. There’s hundreds of them, rambling through the iconic baobab trees and heading in my direction.

Traditional Cuisine

Thursday, 09th October 2014

Visit Tanzania and you’ll find restaurants representing cuisine from all over the world. But don’t stick to pizzas, the local culinary delights have been enchanting travellers for centuries.

Tented Camp Safari

Sunday, 21st September 2014

Travel writer Jefferson Taylor came with Aventura on a mobile tented camp safari. Here he recalls the experience and the breathtaking proximity with Tanzania’s great mammals.

The Great Migration

Tuesday, 09th September 2014

Even wildlife documentarians can’t make the Great Migration look believable. The camera pans out to reveal a million wildebeest, close-ups show lion prides salivating at the dinner menu, and crocodiles maul zebras with ferocious abandon.

What to Pack for Safari

Friday, 05th September 2014

It’s easy to get hung up with your safari packing list, especially if it’s your first time in Tanzania. But there’s no need for stress. We’re going to simplify everything.

Tourism Numbers Grow

Wednesday, 13th August 2014

One of the Aventura team was at the World Travel Market in Berlin, and he reports on the latest tourism predictions from the Tanzanian Ministry of Tourism.

Best Seasons to Visit

Sunday, 15th June 2014

In Europe tourist destinations follow a predictable pattern. It’s cold and dark in winter, so nobody wants to go there. Then the resorts and cities get so packed in summer that you have to queue for ice-creams and sun loungers.

What to do in Dar?

Sunday, 08th June 2014

Almost every visitor to Tanzania passes through Dar es Salaam. It has the country’s largest airport, is the gateway to Zanzibar, and is a stopping point on most Tanzanian itineraries. However, most people merely see Dar as a crossroads.

Know Your Big Five

Friday, 04th April 2014

Return from a safari and the first question on most people’s lips is “did you see the big five?” Forget the sight of hunting cheetahs, rare African wild dog, or 5,000 strong herds of zebra. When it comes to African safari there are five revered animals that gain triple kudos points.

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